Other great sites

Here are my list of sites which should help you navigate to the sites I am blogging about, as well as tips for helping yourself out!

If you need a new income and want the freedom of working when you want:

Education, free for all!
www.khanacademy.org (worlds best!!)
www.coursera.org ( a great place to get free education and courses from top known universities, you only pay if you want the course certificate to add to your curriculum).
www.wikipedia.com (a lot of information, edited by its members all the time so some of its contents can be very subjective)

Here are sites where you can help in different categories:

www.care2.com (the best in its category!)
www.avaaz.org  (the biggest!)

Wonderful organizations that makes the world a better place:

www.lovenepal.com (Swedish site, look at my post about it here.)