Sweatshop – deadly fashion revealed, and what we can do about it.

Even though the clothing industry does help many countries with their economic situation, a big part of the industry is, sadly, based on what we would call slavery.
Although a lot of factories actually do a good job with taking care of their workers, many don`t. And how to find those who do the right thing from those who don`t, turns out to be very difficult.
Why? Well a lot of money is involved in this, of course. Many people can get great benefits from using their workers as they want with low salary, working forced overtime, or violence. The workers in such fabrics don`t have long-term contracts that secure their income; they get three months at a time – if they are lucky and do`t get kicked out on the street because they do something wrong.

This does the big companies earn money on in turn. It is horrible, disgusting and just completely unbelievable that this happens now in our time of history, but it does! It makes me want to look for better alternatives, and that is difficult, but I will actually make a good list of great shopping alternatives instead of buying your clothes in the big businesses. On the other hand, it is not for the good for all that we completely stop buying in these stores, but we do need to do something. Luckily, the Norwegian Organization “Framtiden i våre hender” (The Future in Our Hands) has made a lot of fuss about this in the latest years. They have been pushing the big industries such as H&M, Lindex, Kappahl, Cubus, and so on to reveal their fabric-lists to the public, because they have a responsibility to check out, follow up and help the fabrics to give the workers a fair wage and fair working conditions. Many of them have published their factory-lists, and that is, at least a step in the right direction.

If you want to support this case in any manner, I suggest that you help Clean Clothes Campaign with a little donation, or to just spread the word. Clean Clothes Campaign is located in Holland, but it cooperates with Future in Our Hands, and helps getting out the truth. A little bit helps, for all of us. As the cliché says: no one can do everything, but everyone can indeed do something.

Of course if you want you may help Future in Our Hands as well, as we do every month, but since it is in Norwegian, and since I cannot find another payment method than membership, I believed it would turn out a bit difficult. Just contace me if you want to be a member anyway, I can help you during the process.

In the meantime, here you may educate yourself about the Sweatshop phenomenon, it is really recommended that you take a look at this great program.
Help yourself widen your horisont, and see what you can do. It matters whatever you choose to do – you matter, we all matter.

Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion Revealed.




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