LoveNepal, a hope for young girls, “working” as sex-slaves.

Published with permission from Love Nepal. &

I wanted my first blogpost to be about something very important.

Therefore I chose LoveNepal and their wonderful work!

LoveNepal is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2010. Their great vision is to save as many girls as possible from horrible lives as sex-slaves in brothels. They want to give them a future, and faith in it as well.

As LoveNepal save children from trafficking, their focus is first and foremost on people in vulnerable positions in societies, such as the badi people in Nepal. As their value is way below the cast system, the fathers survive by selling their daughters, and sometimes even mothers and wives. They are then transported as sex-slaves to brothels where they are raped up to 30 times a day. LoveNepal work hard to save the girls from these brothels, but it is a very dangerous and difficult task.
Today they have saved over 600 children, who live in their own orphanages. They also give them education, health-care and safety. Their biggest wish is to help as many as possible out of these horrible conditions.

Their work in Nepal have today resulted in 7 orphanages in Kathmandu, with almost 80 workers and care-takers altogether. Now, it is not only girls from the badi, it is also boys and orphans. They also have a home for orphan babies. Altogether, this forms the Nepalese foundation Lighthouse Foundation. The number of orphanages sometimes change due to different structures in the different homes, development etc.

The majority of all children in the orphanages comes from badi cities or villages where they have lived in great poverty. In the cities it exists home-brothels as well, but many of the girls have been saved from this. All girls grow up knowing that their reality will some day be to be a sex-slave. If not sold as a sex-slave in her home city, she will be transferred to another country. Young women in the orphanages often come from brothels in India where they have lived in terrible conditions.

In Nepal, they need the parents` permission to take care of their children. Most often it is the mother who gives this, as the fathers tend to want to earn money on their daughters. As said before, they sometime even sell their wifes and mothers as well. This is the future LoveNepal want to save these girls from.

As mentioned before, LoveNepal also operates a school. This is needed to give the badi-children a safe place, without harassment. The school has got a lot of attention in Nepal because of its great work and results of the students. They have won several national competitions, including song and swimming. The school also has children from not only the orphanages but other areas because they like the work and quality of education given there. A lot of the education is given in English, as this helps them with future jobs and future education.

They also have workers in India who work with freeing girls from brothels there. This is a very difficult and dangerous process and therefore not much information is given about this.

LoveNepal originally comes from Sweden. There they have 7 employees and a lot of voluntary workers who helps out in arrangements and other situations where help is needed.

I support LoveNepal`s wonderful work – and if you want to do the same you can give them a donation on their Paypal-site. You will see the option of Paypal to the right of the website.
(The site is in Swedish).

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Later I want to write a little bit more about their specific work, projects and happenings!


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